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Young and in the Way’s Bloodspray Gate Continues: North Carolina Venue May Never Host Concerts Again


Carrie LAB

So remember how the Lexington Avenue Brewery in Asheville, NC was recently forced to temporarily close because Young and in the Way sprayed the audience with blood, and that’s, y’know, considered an unsanitary event when it takes place within the confines of an eatery? Well, the good news is, it’s back open, and the bad news is…

Manager Benjy Greene told Xpress June 30, “We have not made a decision whether we’re going to continue using it as a live music venue.” He added: “There’s lots of other factors. We’ve actually been in conversation over the last year about this potentiality. … It’s undecided. But the room will definitely be closed for the next two weeks.” During that time, cleaning and renovations will continue, he said.

However, later that day, LAB Back Stage doorman Critter Thomas posted on Facebook: “I just lost a job and Asheville has just lost another venue.” He blamed damage caused by the Charlotte metal band, which covered the room in pig blood during their June 22 show, for the loss. “Because of your actions, I have lost a workplace, and Asheville musicians, comedians, and other performers have lost a great stage and a great sound system,” Thomas wrote.

So that sucks, and I guess it is technically YAITW’s fault… and yet, I still wouldn’t blame them. For one thing, they’re a metal band — they’re supposed to do crazy, semi-irresponsible shit, so long as that semi-irresponsible shit doesn’t do anyone any physical harm (beyond the usual minor scrapes and bruises acquired in the pit). But for another thing, they’re scary as fuck, and I just would not want to be on their bad side.

You can read the rest of Xpress‘ piece on the matter here.

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