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KISS Keep it Klassy, Open Wedding Chapel Inside a Mini Golf Course


KISS Hotter Than Hell Wedding ChapelAt this point, there is no product that I would be surprised to hear KISS were slapping their brand upon. KISS nail clippers? KISS LifeCall? Kiss speculums? If Gene Simmons can make ten cents off of something, then Gene Simmons will make ten cents off of something.

Today in ridiculous KISS shit that abso-fuckin’-lutely nobody needs:  the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel, which is located in Las Vegas, natch… inside KISS by Monster Mini Golf, which is, y’know, a mini golf course. They also offer Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley lookalikes (including at least one little person) to officiate the ceremony. Because I guess if you’re doing a Vegas wedding, might as well just rape class in the mouth, right?

Here’s the description from the website… it must have taken someone five whole seconds to write this:

“Ever dreamed of the perfect Rock & Roll Wedding, where your invitations are concert tickets and rose petals are guitar picks? Where you get married on the big stage with theatrical lights & sound and the fog machines are cranking? From your lips to KISS’s ear – May we present the ‘Hotter than Hell’ Wedding Chapel!!

“A stage, fashioned after KISS’ album cover for LOVE GUN, with theatrical quality lights, sound and fog machines that will set the tone for your concert wedding. We provide concert tickets as invitations for you to send to your guests. You will also have your own tour manager on site to help you throughout your wedding day. Ladies want to WOW your Man on this special day take a look at our rentable wedding gowns.

“The wedding chapel will seat approx 25-35 people with room for People to stand. Your guests are more than welcome to bring simple cameras and can shoot pics along with the Professional photographer provided.”

So why is it called the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel if the stage is modeled after the cover of Love Gun? Why the fuck would anyone ask questions about logic when discussing a KISS wedding chapel?

Here are some photos of the joint:

lcg2 wedding chapel1

You can get more details here. And stay tuned for the KISS Lick It Up Funeral Home, conveniently located inside of the KISS-themed Chuck E. Cheese in Orlando, Florida!

Thanks: Jeff Treppel

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