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ABOUT THAT LIFE release debut single “Fake Hardcore Kid”

  • Sergeant D


LMK if this sounds familiar to you: you’re at a hardcore show, and you see a new kid. He’s moshing to all the right parts, fingerpointing and singing along to all the words (in embarrassingly earnest, excessively sincere fashion), and wearing all the right merch (XIBALBA snapback and TYPE O NEGATIVE longsleeve fresh off of Merch Swap). You’re like “wtf, who is that kid?? how do i not know him? i’ve been going to shows here for years and i’ve never seen this kid??”

And then it hits you: you DO know him. But last time you saw him was 2 years ago, when he had Myspace hair and a To Write Love On Her Arms shirt, his favorite ‘hardcore’ band was STICK TO YOUR GUNS, and he was showing off his WOE IS ME tattoo. A little sprinkle of magic hardcore dust and POOF, he transforms into a Real Hardcore kid overnight, with the only remaining trace of his shameful scene past being a Facebook picture of him meeting the singer for A SKYLIT DRIVE in 8th grade that he forgot to de-tag himself in.

If seeing all these overnight im-not-scene-anymore-im-a-hardcore-kid transformations makes you make the “exasperated face” emoj, then check out the new single “Fake Hardcore Kid” from our friends in ABOUT THAT LIFE (who call themselves a “REAL Real Hardcore” band):

expire duct tape

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