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Are The Acacia Strain and Emmure Gonna Tour Together?


frankie and vinnieWhat do Vincent Bennett and Frankie Palmeri know that the Israelis and Palestinians do not? Just five years ago, these dudes hated each other so much that they actually came to blows; now Lambgoat is reporting a rumor that The Acacia Strain and Emmure will soon be touring together, with support provided by Stray from the Path. Actually, I may have just answered my own question: what Bennett and Palmeri know that the Israelis and Palestinians do not is the value of high guarantees.

Not that anyone could blame them. A bill featuring two bands that feuded so publicly would almost definitely draw crowds like bees to honey. It might also be historic: I can’t recall another instance of a cover band touring with their inspiration before. The Acacia Strain fans would ostensibly get to hear the same setlist twice in one night — once played well, and once played by Emmure! Curiosity might get the best of even this most jaded and cynical of metal bloggers.

(Of course, if they really wanted to make the tour an event, they’d get The Atlas Moth on the bill. Hey, a dude can dream, can’t he?)

We’ll let you know as soon as there’s some official word. In the meantime, let’s dream up some other beef-squashing treks in the comments section below. Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe! Six Feet Under and Cattle Decapitation! Upon a Burning Body and relevance! There are so many possibilities!!!

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