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Drop What You’re Doing and Listen to the New Contortionist Single Right Now!


The Contortionist - LanguageA funny thing happened to The Contortionist a couple of years back: they became really fucking popular. A formerly adequate but ultimately mediocre band released Intrinsic, a big step up, and they started seeing the results immediately when flocks of fans would show up early to Summer Slaughter to catch their 20 minute set. And it’s all been a series of jumps from there.

I’ve been sitting on The Contortionist’s new album Language for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, they’re continuing their upward trajectory and then some. Part of it is the addition of Last Chance to Reason vocalist Michael Lessard; no disrespect to Jonathan Carpenter, but Lessard is just a better singer, plainly put. The whole band has really upped their game, though: the writing is that much more concise and, simultaneously, adventurous. The Contortionist have taken the extremely proggy “space rock” elements that cropped up on Intrinsic, embraced it, and completely run with it. Language is barely death metal anymore… it’s just The Contortionist. Together with Fallujah’s jaw-dropping new album, The Contortionist are creating their own little micro-micro-genre of deep, spacey, adventurous metal.

Listen to “Language I: intuition” below. Language comes out September 16th on eOne and can be pre-ordered here.

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