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Even the Dudes from The Haunted Need Day Jobs

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Haunted 2013Something we constantly try to emphasize here at MetalSucks: DO NOT JOIN A METAL BAND TO MAKE MONEY. Forget being a mega-super-huge rockstar, like the guys in Metallica. Forget being a mid-sized rockstar, like the guys in Avenged Sevenfold. Even being in a working class band that will probably never be rich, but still manages to make their living playing music (e.g., Lamb of God) is a longshot.

Case in point: The Haunted! Although they might not be a household name in the Ozzy sense, they are inarguably famous throughout the metal scene, and, line-up changes aside, have been a band for nearly twenty years. So you might assume that they fall under the “working-class-but-full-time” category, right? Well, you assume wrong. In a new interview, guitarist Patrik Jensen says…

“Almost since the second album, we have been professional musicians, which means we only did music. But we noticed a decline in the financial situation within the band, which resulted in that I went to university and I got myself an education. I work as an IT consultant now and Jonas [Björler, bass] is a financial accountant. So, doing music, I mean, I manage the band, I do a lot of the interviews, I write a lot of the music, and I have a full-time job. So it is a really busy time. [For example], tonight I have four hours of interviews. Usually, before, I would only maybe play a little guitar during the day, because I know I’m going to be working during the evening. But now I have done eight hours of work, so I had to hurry home and then I have another four hours [of interviews] here. I’m not complaining, but it is a different situation. And when you ask, ‘Are you relaxing?’ Well, I am and I’m happy that the [new The Haunted] album will soon be out, but there’s a lot of things that still need to be done.”

No shame in that — in fact, it’s admirable, having that kind of work ethic. But it’s a fact of which you ought to be aware, a) because again, if you’re planning on getting into the metal business, you should be aware that you’re facing an upward (but potentially very rewarding!) battle, and b) so you’ll go see The Haunted live and maybe even buy a t-shirt or, Heaven forbid!, a physical CD or a vinyl or SOMEthing to help make these dudes’ financial situation just a little bit better.

On a semi-related note… Jonas Björler is an accountant?!?! Do you think he’ll do my taxes next year??? I don’t even really need someone to do my taxes for me, I just think it would be SO METAL to file a tax return that was completed by a member of At the Gates. And what if he got me a sweet refund? “And the Cash Returned”!!!

The Haunted’s new album, Exit Wounds, comes out September 2 on Century. I can’t find a pre-order link in CM’s webstore or on The Haunted’s Facebook page, though. Maybe that’s why these guys need day jobs.

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