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Here are Two More Metal Shirt Designs from Under Armour


Under Armour metal designsYesterday’s news that Under Armour just released a metal-themed athletic shirt was so revelatory that it inspired MS reader Nick T. to dig a little deeper. Not only did he find one more metal design on the apparel brand’s website but I happened upon yet another one myself. That totals three metal-themed Under Armour designs! You are so going to be the most popular dude at your gym… or at least attract the most confused stares.

All three designs were penned by the very-talented Jonathan Bergeron (aka Johnny Crap), who reveals on his Tumblr that the designs were handed in over a year ago. Guess it takes a big company like Under Armour some time to turn things around, but better late than never.

Here’s one of the new designs, dubbed the Whitetail Hunter, which I dig because it’s got the cool stuff on the front like a traditional metal t-shirt (and unlike the other two):

ua_whitetail1 ua_whitetail2

And here’s the Elk Hunter design, which I dig because the UA logo on the front is death-metallized:

ua_elk1 ua_elk2Check out the Treestand Hunter design as well if you missed it yesterday.

I think I need to buy all of these right away. There goes $100 :(


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