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Today in Album Teasers: Samples of New Music from Obituary and Rosetta


Obituary / RosettaI’m not much of a fan of the minute-and-a-half album teaser videos all labels seem to put out these days in advance of an album’s first single release. I get why labels and bands do it — press, hype! — but as an entitled, dickbag member of the media I find them annoying because I just want to share a full song with you all. Sure, no one’s forcing me to post these teasers… but it’s a slow news day, and I’m legitimately stoked about both of these album, so fuck you.

First up we have a minute-and-a-half of clips from Obituary’s new album Inked in Blood. Unsurprisingly, new Obituary sounds more or less like old Obituary! Which is exactly as it should be. The band will be on tour with Carcass, Exhumed and Noisem in early fall, then with Death (DTA Tours), Massacre and Rivers of Nihil later on in the fall. Inked In Blood comes out October 28th via Relapse. Check it out:

Next up we have new music from Rosetta, who will release a new EP called Flies To Flame on October 14th through Translation Loss. Rosetta are always good for a healthy dose of excellently proggy, atmospheric sludge metal, and it seems as if this EP won’t be an exception to the rule. Listen:

Feel appropriately cock-teased yet? Good, now we can have blue balls together.

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