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Here’s a Metal Cover of Maroon 5’s Annoying Hit Song “Maps”


Maroon 5 metalConfession: I watched the entirety of MTV’s Video Music Awards last week! It was MetalGF’s fault, I swear. Highlights included watching Nicki Minaj shake her ass and… watching Nicki Minaj shake her ass. That thing can move! On the other hand, Maroon 5’s current hit song “Maps” has been stuck in my head since, and I’ve got the VMAs to thank for it. Damnit!

Maybe from now on when my brain starts churning the “Maps” hook round and round it’ll go to this metal cover of the song instead, recorded by Abolish the Echelon with Animus Complex vocalist Matt Turkington. I mean, annoying song is still annoying, but this version is somewhat more palatable, and, at the very least, it’s well done. I especially dig the shreddy interludes, with guitarmonies no less!

Come to think of it, this metallized version of “Maps” is basically what every Scar Symmetry song sounds like, aka Death Jovi.

Here it is, along with the original for reference:

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