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This Frank Bello Coffee Mug Might be the Best Piece of Metal Merch I’ve Seen All Year

  • Axl Rosenberg

Frank Bello CoffeeIt’s no secret that Anthrax bassist Frank Bello is really, really, REALLY excited about life. And while you may think his sunny disposition is the result of lots of cocaine or constant servicing from invisible blowjob fairies, the truth is, he’s just a very cool dude, and he seriously loves to rock. Drugs and oral sex not necessary.

Which is why the new Frank Bello coffee mug is so goddamn funny.
Frank Bello Coffee Mug

People are always trying to think of creative new types of merch to produce, and lemme tell ya, it’s harder than it sounds. Which is why a lot of the time we end up with, say, overpriced socks. (I’d still really like to see some yarmulkes, but that’ll probably never happen.) So, really, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello, or whomever he hired to think this up, deserve MAJOR props for this.

Order yours here. There are also t-shirts with the same design and “Bello” wristbands available.

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