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BTBAM’s Thomas Giles [aka Tommy Rogers] is Releasing a New Solo Record, and Here’s a Song From It

Photo via Metal Insider
Photo via Metal Insider

Apparently BTBAM vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers was all like, “Hey Dan, you’re gonna release a new Trioscapes record? Paul, you’re gonna write a column EVERY WEEK about millionaire men who beat women and children? Well pshaw, fuck you, releasing a live DVD right now is simply not enough work for me: I’m gonna release a solo record too!” ‘Cause that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Under the alias Thomas Giles (his middle name), Rogers released his first solo album Giles in 2004 and Pulse in 2011. His third effort Modern Noise will follow on November 25th of this year, and that’s most of what we know about it at the moment. We do know that a song called “Noise Upon” features Rogers playing piano, as we can see in the below video clip of him working through the song in the studio, but we’ll have to wait to find out more.

[via The PRP]

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