Nu-Deathcore Band Sine of the Lion: Sh*tty

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sine of the Lion is a shitty new band from one of the shitty members of another shitty band, Abandon All Ships, whom Sergeant D. once asserted are “second only to Attack Attack! in terms of talent.” Besides that, the two shitty projects really have nothing in common. I mean they’re both shitty trend-chasing garbage with names that make no sense (Who are these super genius lions that are doing math?), but they’re different breeds of shitty trend-chasing trend-chasing garbage with names that make no sense: whereas Abandon All Ships was, as Sergeant D. said, Attack Attack!-esque shitty, Sine of the Lion is shitty nu-deathcore with a lot of rapping and record scratches. It’s basically the kind of shitty song which makes you wish we could erase the entirety of the 90s.

In case there was any doubt that shitty shit shit is a real dummy, here’s his Facebook cover photo:

sine of the lion harlem bronxHarlem isn’t in the Bronx, although it’s close, so I guess we can let that shitty part of his shitty shirt slide. However, as Stuff You Will Hate points out, this shitty musician isn’t from Harlem or the Bronx, but, rather, from Toronto. So either he’s wearing that shitty shirt because his parents recently returned from a vacation in New York, or because he knows that substantial portions of America and Canada think Harlem and the Bronx are scary places on account of all the black people, and he wanted to appear scary to those who don’t know better.

Either way, what he’s doing is shitty.

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