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How to Get Your Band Ready for the Stage

  • Axl Rosenberg

Speaking as someone who goes to a fair amount of small club shows to see local bands play, I would personally like to internet-high-five Spectre Sound Studios head honcho and Gear Gods contributor Glenn Fricker for his latest tutorial video, “How to Get Your Band Ready for the Stage.” The truth is, it’s far too common to see young bands that just do not have their shit together waste everyone’s time getting on and off the stage, which often leads to the dissipation of their already unimpressive audience. Even more tragically, though, is the fact that there are allegedly “professional” bands who suck at this process, too. (I’ve mentioned this before, but I once saw the horrible nu-metal band Dope take forty-five minutes to set up… and then play for forty-five minutes. I mean…)

So, basically, if you’re in a band, have been in a band, or are going to be in a band, this video is for you. Watch it, learn it, love it:

P.S. I could watch Glenn do the crabcore bounce all day. A+++++ WDBWA!

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