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Slipknot’s Jim Root Alleges He Was Fired from Stone Sour Via a Phone Call

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jim RootIt’s shockingly common how often we hear about band members being let go in ways that are, frankly, just totally rude and disrespectful and cowardly. Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan, for example, say they found out about their respective dismissals from Slayer and Fear Factory after reading about it online, while former Dimmu Borgir keyboardist Mustis claims to have been fired via text message. I don’t think I have to tell you how fucked up that is… especially given that these aren’t local bands consisting of immature teenagers. This does not sound like the behavior of seasoned professionals.

And if current Slipknot/former Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root is to be believed, he was ousted from the latter band in a manner which isn’t all that much better. Asked if his sacking was maybe “for the best,” Root tells Music Feeds:

“I mean, I’ve said that to friends and everything but I still haven’t talked to certain guys in that band either, so I really don’t know what they were thinking or a hundred percent of the reason why they made the decision that they made. I mean, it was basically put to me over a phone call and I thought that was pretty lame. Whatever, it is what it is. Onward and upward. I think I have a little bit of a different opinion on how music should be done anyway. Maybe it is for the better.”

This is especially amazing when you consider that Root is still bandmates with Stone Sour/Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor. That situation was probably gonna be awkward no matter what, but the fact that Root still isn’t totally clear as to why he was let go must make it like a bajillion times more uncomfortable.

Sheesh. I guess Root should just feel relieved he didn’t find out about getting shit-canned after reading about it on MetalSucks.

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