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AC/DC Reveal Rock or Bust Album Art; Release, Retract Title Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, 11:34 a.m.: The band has now released an entire song from Rock or Bust called “Play Ball.” Here it is for ya:

Original story follows below.

Good morning! Say, do you think Angus Young drinks coffee, or do you think he just leaps out of bed every morning being all Angus Young-y and stuff?

ANYWAY, we have a whole lotta Rosie AC/DC news for you this fine Tuesday morn. Specifically…

The band has unveiled the cover art for their new album, Rock or Bust, in the form of the below .GIF. Truth be told, it would be pretty boring if it wasn’t a .GIF. I guess they figured in this day and age of the mp3 player, they only needed something that would look cool for the initial announcement.

AC:DC - Rock or BustMuch more importantly: the title track from the album, mislabeled as “Play Ball,” was available for streaming about an hour ago… but it seems to have since been yanked down for whatever reason. Rather shockingly, it sounded NOTHING like any other AC/DC song ever recorded: it’s got drum loops and synths and female backing vocals and a breakdown and a totally unstructured Slayer-esque guitar solo!

I’m kidding. It sounds exactly like every other AC/DC song ever. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing — this song will get stuck in your head, I assure you. But, y’know. There’s no need to feel too bad if you didn’t get to hear it before it was pulled. Just listen to another AC/DC song and pretend Brian Johnson is singing “Rock or Bust” instead of “Back in Black” or “Shoot to Thrill” or “Shake and Bake” or whatever.

And finally: Classic Rock reports that the band shot two music videos to promote Rock or Bust over the weekend… without drummer Phil Rudd. He was apparently replaced for the purposes of the shoot by Rob Richards, who also plays in the solo band for Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith. Although there’s no official word as to the cause of Rudd’s absence, sources present at the shoot claim it was due to a family emergency. Hopefully all is well and Rudd isn’t leaving the band — the thought of the Rock or Bust promotional cycle missing two key members is unsettling, especially when you consider that it could very well end up being AC/DC’s swan song.

Rock or Bust busts out December 2.

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