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“The One Thing Needful” is that You Listen to this New Anaal Nathrakh Song Right Now


Anaal Nathrakh - DesideratumThe piledriver is back. It smashes away at 70-foot long steel tubes, driving them into the swampy ground right outside the window of the Vince Division at the MS Mansion. The noise eclipses 100db, even 80db with the windows open, and my computer screen is shaking.

What better counter-attack than blasting some new Anaal Nathrakh? I’ll show those stupid construction workers what’s what. Except not… but at least I’ll drown out their dumb noise.

Noisey has the premiere of “The One Thing Needful,” and it’s got everything you want and need from Anaal Nathrakh, namely high-speed, frenetic blackened thrash riffs, soul-torturing growls and those trademark fiercely operatic cleans. Check it out below, check out “Monstrum in Animo” and “Idol” if you haven’t heard those yet, and pick up Desideratum when it comes out on October 28th (or pre-order it first).

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