Watch a Two-Minute Clip of the Icelandic Film Metalhead


metalheadGood news for those of us who’ve been waiting to see the Icelandic film Metalhead for over a year now: it’s close! Here’s a synopsis of the film:

There are some things you never get used to. That’s certainly the case for Hera, the heroine of Ragnar Bragason’s Metalhead. As a young girl she witnessed the accidental death of her brother, Baldur, a long-haired heavy-metal devotee. She promptly remade herself in his image — wearing his clothes, and listening to and playing music at earshredding volumes — as an expression of her grief, her anger, and a reminder to her parents that they haven’t really dealt with their loss. Still, as the end of high school and the arrival of adulthood looms, her acts of rebellion no longer satisfy her the way they once did, and Hera begins to act out on a larger, more destructive scale.

Decibel has a two-minute clip of the film, re-posted below, and while it’s interesting from the very beginning… let’s just say it’s worth hanging in for the whole two minutes.

Check it below, with the original trailer following at the bottom of this post. Those of you in NYC can get a FREE ticket to an upcoming screening of the movie by registering here.

METALHEAD – Pressclip – “Black Metal” from Cinelicious Pics on Vimeo.

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