Myrone’s Zexy New Song and Video Make Me Very Happy


Tron 1982 Jeff BridgesGuitar wunderkind Hugh Myrone may be my single greatest discovery of 2014. I’ve been jamming his stuff since he first reached out to MS in July, and I haven’t been able to stop since! I’m going to quote myself from four months ago, since I don’t think I can explain it any better now:

His music is like a combo of Prince, Van Hagar and The Human League, and yes, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds, an amalgam of all the best/cheesiest production trends of the late ’80s / early ’90s: whacked out, razor-sharp synths, enormously gated snares, funky bass, and, most importantly, tons of Shreddy McShredderson guitar with plenty of whammy action. Lots of folks can shred, I hear you, but the devil is in the details: it’s Myrone’s knack for songwriting and arrangement that really sets him apart. Dude’s got this shit NAILED. Those turnarounds and transitions!

The best part is that he’s constantly releasing new stuff since it’s basically still a bedroom project at this point, meaning we never have to wait long for a new dose of that Myrone sweetness. Hugh sent me the below track last month, and then some superfan made a music video for it using found footage from ’80s and ’90s tech/nerd movies. Captures the vibe PERFECTLY. So tight! In my mind’s eye I picture Myrone himself as looking like a character from the original Tron, so my balls are tickled to see that movie referenced here.

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