What the...??

Fred Durst Opened a Dog Grooming Business in Salinas

  • Axl Rosenberg

fred durst dog groomerGeez, that Frud Durst sure is a renaissance man. As if fronting Limp Bizkit, directing features films and eHarmony commercialspitching television shows which will never get made, and crushing Frankie Palmeri’s dreams wasn’t enough, The Hun now reports that Dog Fancy reports that the rapper/auteur has opened the Aryan Academy & Dog Grooming Van in Salinas, CA. They have a Facebook page and everything.

Apparently, Durst opened the shop because he felt he needed a new embarrassment. You’d think he’d just take up scrap booking or die on the toilet or something, but hey, I guess opening a dog grooming van works, too.

Below, you can check out video from the joint… if any of our West Coast readers take their dog there, let us know how it is!

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