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Old Man Gloom Trolled Us All


old troll gloomFun story: awhile back, a reader e-mailed us to point out that there were not one, but two distinct albums called Ape of God listed for pre-order on Amazon. Was Ape of God secretly a double album? I e-mailed Aaron Turner to asked what was up, and this is how he responded:

“Not sure what’s going over at Amazon…

“All I can think of is that there were alternate versions of the art and track sequence/track titles when we were in the developmental stages of the album and that’s confusing things. I sent them around to Profound Lore and the band members and the Japanese label ….sooo??? Also since there are 3 labels involved in putting out the record (SIGE, Profound Lore, Daymare) maybe that’s fucking things up? 

“I’ll ask [Profound Lore’s] Chris Bruni if he can straighten that out.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention!”

So we never even mentioned it on the site. It was an error, it was gonna be corrected, right? We ran review of the promo we were sent and left it at that.

Well, hey, guess what? WE’VE BEEN HAD! The band posted the following message on Facebook last night:

Guess what, assholes. The Ape Of God is two entirely different albums. If you downloaded some leaked shit, you don’t have either. You have some bogus version we gave to press, cuz we knew those jerks would leak it (if you reviewed that fake record positively, thank you. We’re just THAT good).
We will always trick you.
We will always trick you.
We will always trick you.

The band later added:

To be fair we, Old Man Gloom spent a lot of time on the music and putting together the “fake” version of the album. It is still music we believe in and 100% stand behind. We’re not punishing anyone, and if you had fun with the record as we have with everything that has gone into it, then we’ve done our job. And also, anyone that did their research on Old Man Gloom should know that we’re pranksters who ARE GOING TO FUCK WITH EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.

Which is pretty fucking brilliant. I mean… they recorded three albums just to throw everyone off the scent of two of ’em. And the third album was good enough that multiple media outlets reviewed it (Yay! We weren’t the only dummies!). Now THAT’S a prank.

Well played, gentlemen, well played.

Thanks: Daniel

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