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BOO! Listen to Cretin’s “Ghost of Teeth and Hair”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Cretin - Stranger

I know that people who are afflicted with epilepsy can suffer from seizures as a result of visuals, like strobe lights and that kinda thing, but is it possible to induce a seizure via audio? According to the Epilepsy Foundation, it can! And that being the case, I would imagine that “Ghost of Hair and Teeth,” the new song by Cretin, is the kind of audio which can cause a seizure.

I mean, most of its running time certainly sounds like an audio representation of a seizure. Totally wicked shit for those of us who don’t have epilepsy. Can it actually do any damage? I dunno, but I’m gonna play it for this dude I know who has epilepsy later and see if it makes him swallow his tongue. Fingers crossed!

Stream “Ghost of Hair and Teeth” below, courtesy of NPR. Become familiar with Stranger on December 9, courtesy of Relapse.

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