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Check Out These Korean Babymetal Imposters


PritzIt seems inevitable that someone would try and emulate Babymetal, given all the praise thrown at the latter over the past year and their widespread success the world over.

But while I initially thought such a copycat band would come from America, it makes perfect sense that Korea would beat us to the punch: much like J-pop, the K-pop industry is incredibly robust, and they’ve already got the know-how to churn out something like this. Moreso, Korea and Japan have a long-standing history of animosity towards one another that manifests today in a heated competition of, well, pretty much everything.

So, here’s Pritz, South Korea’s version of Babymetal only, ya know, not as good. The song’s got a decent hook, and I applaud them for trying, but nope, sorry… not cutting it! Also not nearly as adorable! Babymetal FTW! Can’t wait for Metal Resistance Episode III!!!

Thanks: With apologies to the person who Tweeted this at us, we can’t find your name now… sorry! But you know who you are. 

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