Watch Three Minutes of Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster Retrospective Documentary, This Monster Lives

  • Axl Rosenberg

this monster livesNext week will see the tenth anniversary release of Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster on Blu-ray, and included on that Blu-ray is a twenty-five minute retrospective, entitled This Monster Lives.

(Yes, it is a documentary about a documentary. Metallica continue to break new ground.)

You can now watch a three-minute preview of This Monster Lives below. It actually makes me wanna see the other twenty-two minutes, if only to hear the rest of what the band has to say about the movie being ill-received by the metal community. You have to applaud Metallica for being honest and acknowledging the fundamental dichotomy of Some Kind of Monster, which is that it’s a very good movie about the making of a very shitty album (one of my biggest complaints about Some Kind of Monster is that it ends on an inauthentically triumphant note, completely failing to acknowledge that St. Anger was about as popular as anesthetic-free self-administered circumcision).

Of course, it wouldn’t be Metallica if the rhythm weren’t at least a little off, so it would appear that the band either completely misunderstands, or is otherwise putting a positive spin on, the reason even some of their greatest admirers loathe the movie. “So many people in the music world felt it was too transparent,” Lars asserts, after which Robert Trujillo recounts a story about someone criticizing the flick for showing Hetfield at his daughter’s ballet recital. The point is basically correct, but that’s about it: the movie was too transparent and did show things it shouldn’t have, but Hetfield being a typical American dad is not one of those things. Lars complaining about having to play drums for a living and selling paintings for millions of dollars while sipping champagne, Kirk being a total pushover, and all three of the group’s remaining members implying that dudes like Scott Reeder and Pepper Keenan don’t have the chops to be in their band — those are the moments that make us all cringe. Although Some Kind of Monster is often hilarious (knowingly or otherwise), it also basically confirms every Metallica fan’s worst fears: the band has turned into a bunch of rich, whiny, spoiled, egotistical, clueless buffoons.

Some Kind of Monster hits Blu-ray on November 24.

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