MetalSucks Readers’ Poll: What Was Your Favorite Metal Album of 2014?


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We published our lists. Now it’s your turn.

We’re going to do this the same way we do every year: rather than post a regular poll with hundreds of options, we’re going to conduct this poll via the comments. Here are the instructions:

Step 1) Decide what your favorite metal album of 2014 is. You only get to pick one.

Step 2) Search the comments of this post for your choice (Apple-F on a Mac, Control-F on a PC).

Step 3) If it’s already listed, upvote that comment. If it’s not listed yet, add it, making sure you include the band name and album title and double-checking that you’ve spelled both correctly.

That’s it! We’ll tally up the upvotes and declare a winner this Friday, December 5. Ready? Set? GO!

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