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Creed Bassist Brian Marshall Says Scott Stapp is F*cked Up, World Says “Yeah No Sh*t, Sherlock”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Scott Stapp and Robert Z'DarIt’s hard to believe that Scott Stapp could possibly be addicted to something, given that his wife has left him, the government has frozen his bank accounts, he’s homeless, and he’s begging fans for money so he can finally write The Great American Novel. These are the actions of a man who is wholly sober and in complete control of his functions, not, say, a meth head. But shocking though it may be, Creed bassist Brian Marshall says that Stapp does, indeed, have a monkey on his back:

“It’s obvious that Scott is not okay. He needs medical help and/or an intervention so he does not surrender to this disease before he hurts himself or others.”

Marshall went on to add that water is wet, grass is green, and cows say “moo.” What he didn’t do, however, was reveal if he himself was trying to get Stapp medical attention. I mean, I can point to a guy who’s just been shot and observe that he may need a doctor, but it means fuck all if I just shrug and keep going about my day, doesn’t it?

[via Classic Rock]

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