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This Guy’s Anti-Babymetal Argument is Perfectly Rational

  • Axl Rosenberg

billys metal mulisha vs babymetalUp until now, I’d never heard of Billy Kasper or his YouTube program, Billy’s Metal Mulisha, and based on his 539 subscribers, I’m guessing you never have, either (it’s less of a militia than it is a mob). So I really hope the dude is a Brando-level actor turned exceptionally-talented troll — because if he’s not, he is wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy too upset about Babymetal for a mature adult. (Maybe he thinks he’s being angry-funny, like Sam Kinison or Pat Cooper, but none of the humor in this video appears to be deliberate.) I mean, there are parts of this video where it looks like he’s crying, or trying very hard not to cry. This is a level of frustration any reasonable person of legal drinking age should reserve for actual crimes against humanity, such as genocide, war, and trying to find a legal parking spot in Manhattan.

Then again, Billy is clearly no rocket scientist: his assessment of J-pop as simpleton’s music betrays a complete lack of understanding of the genre (you can hate J-pop, but you can’t argue that it isn’t far more complex than Western pop music, unless you think you know better than Marty Friedman, which you do not), he mixes his metaphors to a nearly comical degree, and his own self-professed tastes are questionable at best. Which actually just makes it all the more amusing that he’s so very tortured by Babymetal’s popularity. I’ve seen babies remain calmer after having their candy taken away, for fuck’s sake.

[via Metal Injection]

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