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Now You Can Be Just Like Deafheaven by Using Deatheaven’s Sunbather Font for Only $30!


Sunbather Deafheaven fontIt’s old news that the Internet has eviscerated artists’ means of making a living through selling their music. But for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, and the Internet has opened up all sorts of new revenue streams for musicians such as the ability to sell guitar tone, and now, to sell an iconic font closely associated with a new band. Everyone’s newest favorite band to argue about, Deafheaven, is selling the font used on the cover of their most recent release Sunbather for $30, and you can buy it here. Here’s the description:

“Sunbather” is a stenciled flare-serif display face inspired by bright light and dissipating legibility. Referencing similar historical type experiments by Jan Tschicold, it questions the mind to connect what the eyes cannot see when the thinnest strokes of a didone font evaporate. The results were then finely tapered and sharpened to create a stern and angular mood when set in text or large words.

Sure, selling fonts isn’t a new idea (at all), and neither is the idea of a band-themed font (see: the abundance of Iron Maiden, Pantera, Metallica, etc knock-off fonts available everywhere on the web). But this is the first time I can recall a font being sold in exactly this fashion: for a modern band, directly by that band, and in such a specific manner. And good on Deafheaven for doing it! I’m sure they’ll sell quite a number of these to Deafheaven fans and regular old design nerds alike; it’s a pretty-looking font that could have widespread applications even if you know nothing about the band.

Buy the Sunbather font here.

[via The PRP]

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