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Entheos: Former Members of The Faceless, Animals as Leaders, and Animosity Launch New Project

  • Axl Rosenberg

entheos crappy photoshopUpdate, 11:42 AM: The band actually has released a snippet of new music!

Thanks to Stephen P. for the tip. Original story follows below.

Bassist Evan Brewer is arguably the most popular of The Faceless’ 78,981 former members, and Navene Koperweis is inarguably the most popular of Animals as Leaders’ one former member, and they’re both very well-regarded former members of Animosity. So it makes sense that they would team up to start a new band… and team up to start a new band they have!

The group is called Entheos, which I believe is Greek is “Popular Former Members.”  In addition to Brewer and Koperweis, the band features their former Animosity bandmate, guitarist Frank Costa, and former would-be Veil of Maya vocalist Chaney Crabb (she’s also not a former member of Systems). According to Gear Gods, the band will release their debut EP on March 15.

Unfortunately, they haven’t unveiled any actual music yet, so we don’t really know how the band will sound. Although “like Animosity” sounds like a safe bet, who knows? Maybe they’ll throw us all for a loop and take their cues from John Tesh. You laugh, but that dude is forward-thinking as fuck.

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