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Exclusive Premiere: Seventh Circle Unethical via “Deathtrap” Video (NSFW)


Seventh Circle Not Worth Saving

The job of a fancy metal writer on the internet is fun for the fact that the goal, stated here in metaphor, is to nudge a stranger so they won’t miss out on a peek at sweet knockers (ie. good music). Or to stop that stranger from treading in a coil of sidewalk turds (ie. Mustaine). But then that also implies a measure of guilt for a writer who shares disturbing music and its attendant bummer imagery. It’s like me saying, Hey look at this! Kablam! you’re now deeply scared and jumpy, but also tired and sad; better draw on your back-up supply of denial!

But fuck it cuz Seventh Circle is worth it, just like Lord Mantis, Dir En Grey, Marduk, and other rad bands who get their pound of flesh from a listener. Seventh Circle joined the MetalSucks collective consciousness in April via their EP of seven awesome tracks in 12 minutes. It’d rock you even on a playlist among 2014’s other unrelenting, cacophonous, angry gems: Corrupt Moral Altar, The Drip, Cowards, et c. Their new (even shorter) EP is called Not Worth Saving, and we’re doing our job really well by unveiling its NSFA first video, “Deathtrap.” But the same action is also us shoving you shoeless into the path of a runaway lawnmower, so we’re doing our job really badly too. That is America’s MetalSucks, y’all! Crank it.

Seventh Circle’s Not Worth Saving is out on cassette January 16 via Kick Out The Jams. Vinyl later. Download too I bet.

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