Watch: The Drip’s “Siren” Coup #NoFilter

  • Anso DF

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The Drip’s new video “Siren” is a plain-jane clip, but it makes ya think. For one thing, you notice that it represents The Drip’s music: no bullshit, all grind and light-speed punk riffs. Then you ponder the fact that it was filmed before a crowd of few, which gets you thinking of how the “music video” used to be domain of big bands — or ones meant to be — yet this tiny band The Drip has a video. Yay. And that gets you thinking of the killer EP from whence comes “Siren” (below, via Metal Injection) and that you had maybe figured incorrectly that its 12-minute length was the result of a similarly tiny budget. After all, even a video like this costs money. In other words, the existence of a video suggests that maybe it’s just that 12 minutes represents all the time vocalist Brandon Caldwell could spare between modeling gigs. What a hunk :)

The Drip’s A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics streams here. Get it here and here. Four dates with Enabler here.

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