Venomous Concept Release New Song; New Album Coming in August

  • Axl Rosenberg

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury hasn’t announced anything new in two weeks, which, we can safely assume, was a mere oversight on the bassist’s part. But fret not! Embury has now corrected the error with “Lemonade,” a new track from Venomous Concept. I know it can be hard to keep track of all of Embury’s myriad projects, so for those who have forgotten, Venomous Concept is the one that also features Napalm Death drummer Danny Herrara, Lock Up/ ex-Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp, and Corrupt Moral Altar guitarist John Cooke (I don’t think Nuclear Assault’s Dan Lilker is in the band anymore, but that photo up top is the most recent one I could find… sorry).

Unsurprisingly, “Lemonade” is a vicious piece of mosh-bait that will, indeed, squeeze you as though trying to procure juice. I admit, I’ve wanted to start in a pit in my apartment many times since the pandemic began, but this is the first time I’ve specifically wanted to start a circle pit. So. Take that as you will.

Stream “Lemonade” below. It will appear on Venomous Concept’s new album, Politics Versus the Erection, which comes out August 28. My guess: the erection probably wins, right?

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