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Three Prog Bands Working on New Albums Right Now: Dream Theater, TesseracT and Scar Symmetry

Tesseract Vocal Tracking
Tesseract Vocal Tracking

Winter is hibernation time for animal, human and metalhead alike, and three bands that live in cold, northerly climes have chosen to make the best of all the extra indoors time by working on new music.

First up we have Dream Theater, whose last album (self-titled) came out in late 2013. Canadian vocalist James LaBrie revealed in an interview with Simcoe.com [via Lambgoat] that the band is heading into the studio in February and plans to release their next album by the end of the year, putting them right on pace for their usual two year album gap. No other details are available right now. At this point in Dream Theater’s career I don’t expect much more from them than “more Dream Theater,” but the fanboy in me is excited nonetheless.

“More TesseracT” is definitely not the only story for the British progressive metallers’ next effort, though; Dan Tompkins, who sang on the band’s 2011’s debut One, is now back in the fold after two other vocalists have come and gone. That’s alright, I guess, although I did really enjoy Ashe O’Hara’s performance on Altered State and thought it was the band’s best work yet. Metal Injection reports that the band is working on their next album, and a Facebook post reveals that they’re tracking vocals right now. Vocals are typically the final piece of the recording process, so hopefully we get a new album in our hands sooner rather than later.

Finally we have the Swedes in Scar Symmetry, whose new work these days does seem fall into the “simply more Scar Symmetry” category… which is what I always say, until their songs end up getting helplessly stuck inside my noggin… so I’m sure that’ll end up being the case yet again. Per Nilsson and Henrik Ohlsson are currently working on writing The Singularity, Phase Two right now (the follow-up to 2014’s The Singularity, Phase One: Neohumanity) while one of the members has a kid, so its release is still a ways off. We can probably expect the next Death Jovi album to come out in 2016.

May all this good news keep you warm today, my friends.


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