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Watch Matthew McConaughey Audition for Dazed and Confused in a Headbanger’s Ball Shirt


Matthew McConaughey Headbangers Ball T-ShirtPeople got really excited to see Amy Poehler rocking an Iron Maiden t-shirt at an afterparty for this past Sunday’s Golden Globes awards… but as much as I love Poehler, the fact that she’s apparently at least kinda-sorta a metalhead is old news.

Far more exciting is this video of everyone’s favorite movie star of the moment, Matthew McConaughey, auditioning for his now-classic role as “David Wooderson,” the dude who just absolutely refuses to let high school go, in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. Not just because Dazed and Confused is an awesome movie, and not just because McConaughey is awesome in it — but because the dude has a Headbanger’s Ball shirt on. Given that Dazed was released in the fall of 1993, we can safely assume this audition took place in 1992, which would have been the tail end of the MTV program’s glory days with Riki Rachtman, before grunge took off and Ball was basically usurped by 120 Minutes. Conclusion: McConaughey may very well have appreciated this Slayer-related parody of his Lincoln ads. Or he may have just borrowed this shirt from a roommate. Hm.

Watch the video below. It appears on The Criterion Collection’s edition of Dazed and Confused, which is out now.

[via Jamey Jasta]

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