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Get Blind Drunk on Blind Guardian Merlot (and Listen to Their New Album)

  • Axl Rosenberg

Blind Guardian MerlotAccording to Chuck and Godless, hosts of The MetalSucks Podcast, Blind Guardian were the most popular band on last month’s 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. And not only that, but Metal Insider predicts that the band’s just-released new album, Beyond the Red Mirror, “is most likely going to be the album that pushes Blind Guardian into the top 100 in the U.S.” I absolutely do not get the band’s appeal. But then again, I was never much of a power metal fan.

So, for all of you helping to make this band so popular: Blind Guardian are releasing merlot to tie in with Red Mirror‘s release. I don’t really know much about wine, but I do always remember that merlot is apparently not classy.

ANYWAY, Blind Guardian are obviously not the first metal band to release a branded wine, or even the first metal band to make a joke involving the wine’s color (see: Slayer), but as far as tie-in products go, it’s still a decent one.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Red Mirror is now streaming on YouTube. You can check it out below. Feel free to share my confusion over the band’s popularity, to try and explain to me what it is I’m missing in the comments section below. The record is out now on Nuclear Blast.

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