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You Tell Us: Which Festivals Are You Most Looking Forward To?


passedoutMan, it seems like everyone and their club-footed aunt are putting on a festival these days. There are the big, time-honored events like Wacken, SXSW, and MDF; there are the tour-package festivals like Mayhem and Summer Slaughter; and there are the newcomers like the recently-announced Full Terror Assault and the Defenders of the Old Festival that just happened in Brooklyn. And that’s not counting all the cruises and botulism parties that are being booked left and right.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing–after all, more people get to see more bands! But it means that these days metalheads have a choice. It’s no longer about every headbanger in a thousand-mile radius descending on one poor city every year, it’s about planning a metalhead calendar. What’s your closest festival, and does camping out make sense? Do you splurge on the three-day pass to MDF if King Diamond is coming to town?

So let us know: which festivals are most important to you? Which are you most excited about? Are there any that you’ve hit multiple years in a row? Do huge four-day camping events like Wacken Open Air still hold an allure for you?

Go to the comments section below and tell us. We’re interested to see which fests have the most fans.

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