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Metallica’s “Unforgiven” as Played by Eight Floppy Disc Drives


Floppy DisksI realize the majority of MetalSucks readers are too young to remember floppy disc drives — or at least too young for them to have been an important part of computer usage — but there was a time when these 1.4MB monsters were life and death. Aside from being useful tools for transporting files from one computer to another, they made some really funky sounds when you inserted them into the drive and when your computer spun those magnetic disks around. If my computer made these kinds of noises now I’d assume it was about to explode.

I haven’t even thought about floppy disk drives in a good ten years, but a YouTube user by the name of Vlad RT has come up with an ingenius use for them: isolating the tones, rigging up eight drives together, and programming them to play Metallica’s “Unforgiven” in tandem. I’m not gonna lie, hearing these noises brings back HORRIBLE memories of late nights spent re-installing system software after a mammoth computer crash, but respect where it’s due: this rules.

Thanks: Владимир З.

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