Coliseum’s Video for “Sunlight in a Snowstorm” Captures NYC Life in Winter 2015


Coliseum - Anxiety's KissOne of the more surprising results of Coliseum’s fascinating transformation from post-hardcore to blues-rawk-punk to Morrissey metal is that no one seems to be bummed out about it: I’ve not yet encountered a Coliseum fan that’s been like, “Nah, I prefer their old stuff.” Everyone’s on board for the ride, wherever that ride may take us, and so far it’s produced three completely different but equally great bands. That’s true fandom, right? Sticking with a band no matter what, trusting them to get it right. And, on the flip side, allowing the band to stretch out their musical tentacles any which way they please.

“Sunlight in a Snowstorm” is the second song we’re hearing from Coliseum’s new album Anxiety’s Kiss (also check out “We are the Water“), and if two points are enough to draw a line then we have a pretty good idea of what the album as a whole will sound like: the aforementioned Morrissey metal. Sure, I miss the rawk riffs, but this stuff is fucking great too and I look forward to diving in and hearing what this affair has to offer. The gloomy day music video, alas, only captures one part of its namesake, but it’s a fun portrait of NYC winter life in the year 2015 that future generations will look upon with wonder and awe the same way we find footage of graffiti-covered trains from the ’70s and ’80s to be endlessly fascinating.

Watch the video below. Anxiety’s Kiss comes out on May 5th via Deathwish.

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