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Take a “Stab” at the New Six Feet Under Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Six Feet Under - Crypt of the DevilWhen you get down to it, there are really two different bands that exist within the entity we know as Six Feet Under. The first is an old school death metal outfit that has been heavily influenced by vocalist Chris Barnes’ old band, Cannibal Corpse. This version of Six Feet Under is pretty good. (I mean, they’re not as good as the actual Cannibal Corpse, but who is?) The second is a death n’ roll band. This version of Six Feet Under generally write catchy but ultimately forgettable and redundant riffs. They make good death metal to play in the background at a bar. If they were a color, that color would be beige.

“Open Coffin Orgy,” the first single from Six Feet Under’s new album, Crypt of the Devil, was made by the second, beige version of Six Feet Under; the new single from that album, “Stab,” was made by the first. As such, it is the superior of the two. Is it an AMAZING song? No. But if you say you like death metal and you claim to hate it, I have to assume you’re lying. The song is not beige, it’s… neon beige! Is there such a thing?

Check out “Stab” over at DecibelCrypt of the Devil comes out May 5 on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here.

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