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36 Crazyfists Come to Their Senses, Drop Off Civil Unrest Tour



UPDATE, 3:58pm EDT: A representative from The Civil Unrest Tour has contacted MetalSucks to say that 36 Crazyfists were never officially part of the tour. According to the representative, the band’s agent committed the band to the tour, then three days later said he did not confirm, and that no dates went on sale with 36 Crazyfists on the bill.

Original Post:

Revolver Magazine’s Civil Unrest tour has been a disaster from the get-go. The tour started with a roster of unimaginably shitty bands all teamed up for one mega-sucktastic tour — Otep, Ill Niño, Terror Universal and, somewhat surprisingly and incongruously, 36 Crazyfists — but Otep dropped off the tour before dates were even announced, and Terror Universal followed them out the door (wittingly or not). Kittie, Motograter and Straight Line Stitch were tapped as those bands’ replacements and/or added on subsequently. Good god, that lineup blows chunks, and 36 Crazyfists stuck out like a sore thumb.

But now it appears as if 36 Crazyfists have gotten the hell out of dodge. The band has yet to address the matter publicly, but The PRP reports that 36 Crazyfists aren’t on the revised admats for the tour which seems like as good a sign as any that they’re no longer associated with it. Thank jeebus someone in the band’s camp came to their senses and realized that a) this tour is a complete trainwreck, and b) they didn’t belong on it in the first place.

Elsewhere in earth-shattering realizations involving 36 Crazyfists, perhaps vocalist Brock Lindow will re-evaluate his stance that global warming is made up.

Dates for the tour, should you be interested, can be found at The PRP.

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