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F*ck the Facts Feel Nukestalgic on “Nukestalgia”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fuck the Facts Fistfuck SplitRemember the good ol’ days, when instead of being scared of bio-terrorism, techno-terrorism, and more Michael Bay movies, all we needed to fear was THE BOMB? It was a simpler, safer time, a time when you knew you could be protected against certain death simply by hiding under your desk and waiting for THE BOMB to run its course.

Fuck the Facts take a wistful look back at this age of innocence with their new song “Nukestalgia.” Instead of being the burst of pure chaos many fans have come to expect from these Canadian gods of grind, it’s centered around swaying riff that recalls the elegance of Red Scare-era grindcore (which is totally a real thing that I did not make up just now). The result is the best sixty seconds you’ve experienced since you lost your virginity!!!

Check out “Nukestalgia” below. It will appear on a new split from Fuck the Facts and Fistfuck, which comes out May 12. Fuck the Facts’ own Noise Salvation label, Fistfuck’s D7i Records, Doomsday Machine Records will collaboratively release it on 10″ vinyl, while PRC Music will release the CD. You can pre-order physical editions here, here, or here, digital editions of the Fuck the Facts side here, and digital editions of the Fistfuck side here. Fuck the Facts will also have a new full-length out later this year!!!

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