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Noisem “Replant and Repress”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Noisem - Blossoming DecayWell, congratulations, Noisem: you’ve made this old curmudgeon eat a big bag of crow.

I wasn’t as bowled over by the Maryland band’s 2013 debut, Agony Defined, as a lot of other people were… but now that I’ve heard two songs from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Blossoming Decay, I am totally on board.

The latest Decay track to find its way online is called “Replant and Repress,” and like its predecessor, “1132,” it finds the band transitioning from deathrash to grind. Fucking thing sounds like cherry bombs wrapped in razors. It’s also very likely to get stuck in your head.

Stream “Replant and Repress” over at A389 Recordings will release Blossoming Decay on June 6.

[via The PRP]

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