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Chuck Billy Doesn’t Know How Reddit Works


chuckcolonelYesterday, Testament frontman Chuck Billy did an AMA on Reddit to discuss The Chief, his new custom vaporizer from Lord Vaper. Billy was a mensch as expected — he answered some Testament questions, including ones about an oversold show at Joliet.

Unfortunately, Billy didn’t realize that Reddit is basically a hive of scum and villainy whose primary goal in life is to make celebrities look silly. Metal Insider shows this screenshot, displaying an interaction between Chuck and Redditor Pighalf:

Chuck Billy Doesn’t Know How Reddit Works

You gotta feel a little bad for Billy — he’s trying to earnestly promote his vaporizer, so he probably wasn’t thinking, “Hey, this guy’s taking the piss.”

That said, I love the idea of The Colonel sitting on a throne made of plastic-wrapped kilos of keef, asking his dealers who this “Disciple of the Watch” is.

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