Defending Danzig

Do You Like This Same Picture Of Glenn Danzig, Every Day?



It’s no secret that the Internet fucking loves Glenn Danzig, bricks and all. But today we found out that it loves one specific picture of Glenn Danzig. The same one. Every day.

Over 21,000 people have like the Facebook page The Same Photo of Glenn Danzig Everyday, which, true to its name, posts this same photo of Glenn Danzig, every day. Imagine 21,000 people in a room, all holding this same photo. Yeah, a little nuts.

It’s hard to tell how Danzig will react to this page. On the one hand, he’s very defensive and doesn’t like being poked fun at. On the other hand, he’s joining such legends as Chuck Norris, Jeff Goldblum, and Nicolas Cage in the hall of Celebrities Who People Online Have Become Overly Obsessed With. He and Norris can go hunt liberal fascists together!

[via Metal Injection]

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