The Flame-Throwing Guitarist From Mad Max: Fury Road Channeled Soundgarden, Sepultura



I have yet to see Mad Max: Fury Road, though I’m excited to do so given all of the hype that’s come out around it. One text from a buddy of mine read, “Two words: guitar guy.”

This no doubt references the “Doof Warrior,” the guy playing a flame-throwing guitar on the back of a car made of amps. Of course that image is going to pique a metalhead’s interest, right?

Well, The PRP reports that the actor himself, Australian musician iOTA, had metal on the mind during filming:

“You know, the guitar wasn’t great. It spent a lot of time in the sun and the sand and the cold. So it was pretty hard to get a good tune out of it. But it was a lot of fun…I would just jam. I love [bands like] Soundgarden, Sepultura, you know, just anything wiry and disgusting. I was standing above an amplifier, which you can’t see there. But it was lying on its back. I was standing above it, so the guitar was actually blaring in my ears. I just went for it. I pulled out all my rock licks that I could think of.”

The metal hipster in me wants to come out being like, “Are those bands really all that disgusting?” But then I figure I should shut the fuck up because it’s great that this guy was humming “Inner Self” while blasting the post-apocalyptic wasteland with his guitar.

Apparently, the character has a whole backstory, too, but whether we need to much further than FIRE-SPEWING METAL DUDE is questionable.

iOTA’s skinny frame and bald head have attracted some interesting comparisons, illustrated by this tweet:

Yeah, we wish.

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