Five Finger Death Punch: Jason Hooks Alleges That Ivan Moody Was “Sh*tfaced Drunk” for Onstage Breakdown

  • Axl Rosenberg

Shindov_FFDP_0490_z-rev2Although Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody blamed “technical problems” for his completely losing his shit onstage during a concert in Memphis earlier this month, guitarist Jason Hook now tells Three Sides of the Coin that booze was the real culprit:

“You can make it through an hour and twenty minutes with your problems waiting for you backstage. And what happened, in my estimation, was that, for whatever reason, Ivan decided to get shitfaced drunk — I’m probably not supposed to be talking about this — but he started to lose his temper onstage towards, basically, the rest of us, being the band. And, you know, there’s only so much of that we can handle. And he was upset with Jeremy [Spencer], the drummer, for something… Jeremy released a book, or I don’t know what the problem was… But, anyway, Jeremy decided that he had enough and he got up and left. Well, it’s hard to play a concert without the drummer.”

In all fairness to Moody, being totally blotto is, in a sense, a “technical problem.” So he wasn’t technically lying. Also, the dude’s name is “Moody,” so, y’know. It’d be weird if he didn’t throw a bitch fit every now and then. When you get down to it, the important thing is that the band isn’t breaking up.

RELAX, I said “important,” not “good.”

[via The PRP]

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