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Listen: Vorum’s Current Event

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In a MetalSucks interview with Erik Wunder of Cobalt, we were told that his long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s Gin was at first thought to be too long to fit on a single CD. We began drooling at the prospect of a double-album Cobalt odyssey, buttt our moment of ecstasy ended when Wunder stated that, after all, it’s a single album. In a comforting tone, he pointed out that that’s still a lot of music. I was like, Finnnne. I guess it’s enough. Sniffle.

For the same reason, we might have a load of guilt to pile on Vorum: Their follow-up to their instant classic is way too freaking short. Sure, just a week ago when its first jam debuted, news of their EP was cause for celebration, but suddenly its 20-minute run time seems cruel and abrupt. Because we now know that it is profoundly awesome! And it’s no solution to merely listen to it several times in a row. We’re doing that anyway.

Vorum’s Current Mouth came out last Tuesday via Sepulchral Voice. Get it here and here.

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