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Listen: Vorum’s Beast of the “Mouth”

  • Anso DF


Consider the mellowing of a hot, wild romance with a killer album. You’ve listened to it a hundred times and now its novelty has faded and the dullness of familiarity has arrived. That record drops from your “heavy rotation” to “weekly listen” and soon farther down. And like the end of a weekend, it seems to happen way too soon. You look around to find yourself at the furthest possible moment from that band’s next album, ie. your next chance for love of this particular kind. Bittersweet, right?

You might’ve experienced this cycle in an intense and harsh way with Vorum’s 2013 classic Poisoned Void. It arrived out of the blue and gripped your attention with both claws. Then, as it receded over the horizon, you began to live in resigned hope of survival til their next new release. If you’re reading this, hey congrats, you’ve made it! Enjoy it now for the suffering is soon to come. Crank it up!!!!

Vorum’s Current Mouth (??) EP came out Tuesday via Sepulchral Voice. Get it here.

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