Poll: Should Anthrax Keep Playing John Bush-Era Songs?

  • Axl Rosenberg

anthrax singersHe’s said it before, if I’m not mistaken, but John Bush recently reiterated that “I’d actually prefer [Anthrax] to play a couple of songs” from his era with the band in their current set.

Which sounds like a great idea… in theory. But in practice, things get a little more complicated.

It’s no secret that Vince and I are both massive Bush supporters, and it does really suck to think that tracks like “Only,” “Inside Out,” and “What Doesn’t Die” may never be played live again.


Then there’s this.

So, uh, y’know. If Belladonna is gonna sing “Only” like that, I’d prefer the band just leave it out of the set.


Then there’s this:

So, clearly, it’s a struggle for Belladonna to sing any Anthrax song and sound decent. The rest of the band sounds great… but Joey remains their biggest liability.

And THAT being the case, I’d just as soon Anthrax do perform some John Bush-era material, ’cause if I’m gonna have to block out Belladonna anyway…

So, I’m conflicted — and am thus turning to you for your opinion. Should Anthrax incorporate Bush’s stuff back into their set… or basically continue to pretend that this era of the band never occurred?

Listen to Anthrax’s cover of The Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion” — the only ‘Thrax song to feature Belladonna and Bush — and then vote in the poll below. And don’t vote against Bush just to spite me, okay? That would be a real dick move.

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