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David Vincent is Still in Morbid Angel, According to David Vincent



Yesterday Morbid Angel announced via their Facebook page that they were parting ways with re-hired original singer David Vincent and were re-hiring replacement singer Steve Tucker (don’t worry, that’s as crazy as it reads) after the total let-down that was Illud Divinum Insanus. Shortly afterwards, drummer Tim Yeung officially announced his departure due to financial issues. It seemed like the Morbid camp couldn’t be more confused or unorganized.

But today, things somehow got weirder, as David Vincent himself announced that he wasn’t leaving Morbid Angel after all! His soul patch released the following statement:

“I am aware of Trey Azagthoth’s announcement of a collaboration with Steve Tucker on new music. However, the inference that I have left Morbid Angel is incorrect. To be clear, I have not left Morbid Angel nor have I been asked to do so.”

What… the fuck.

Vincent implies that Tucker and Azagthoth are working on something new and different together… but the original post from Azagthoth, on the band’s official Facebook page, in no way indicated that. It said “Vincent is out, Tucker is in.”

There’s a great chance this is another case of finding out you’ve been fired via the Internet. However, given the complete lack of communication between, and relative craziness of, Vincent and Azagthoth, it looks like things might be far worse than we expected.

Fans should be prepared for any or all of the following shitshows:

  • A lengthy legal battle over the band name and logo.
  • A split of the band’s material, with Morbid only allowed to play the Tucker stuff and Vincent touring as a solo act playing “The Ancient Ones” and all that.
  • A ridiculous, public argument between Vincent and Azagthoth about who contributed to the band the most in recent years.
  • Morbid Angel splitting into two bands, one with a stupid prefix or suffix such as ‘The True Morbid Angel’ or ‘Morbid Angel Esq.’ (see: Entombed, Venom).

Of course, maybe the guys will sit down over a cup of coffee and sort this all out, though we severely doubt it.

More on this debacle as we learn it.

[via Metal Insider]

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