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Mark for War: One Night for Chyna


Mark for War BannerFor years, Randy Savage was blackballed from induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. Sadly, Randy died before any bridges were mended. He has since joined the Hall of Fame posthumously, and we as fans were deprived one hell of a speech. 

If we’ve learned anything from the Randy Savage late entry screw-up, it’s that life is too short in the wrestling world. Wrestlers sadly find new and inventive ways to die young every day. It’s safe to say any long lasting feuds of twenty plus years are on borrowed time.

Chyna is one of the greatest WWE Divas of all time. It was special watching her career unfold. Have you ever noticed that Chyna’s career unfold exactly like Kevin Nash’s (starting out as the bodyguard for a Shawn Michaels-ish stable, and then went on to be monstrous on her own)? Back in the day, two things made me realize that Chyna was the real deal. The first was her being the first female participant ever in the Royal Rumble. This was a massive deal. It’s tantamount to being the first female president in the wrestling world. The second was Chyna’s nickname. The WWE donned Chyna the 9th Wonder of The World. WHAT A BADASS Nickname! It’s putting her in the same category with one of the most decorated superstars in history, Andre the Giant.

Chyna deserved every bit of every bit of success she had during the late-90s/early 2000s. Any plot she was wrapped up in seemed to be more interesting with her in it. I’d argue Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero actually was propelled in to Main Event status following the Latino Heat “Mamasita” angle. 

Following her WWE career, Chyna proceeded to tailspin every which way possible, smearing her WWE rep in the process. Let’s not even count the fact that she and Triple H had an odd breakup leading to obvious awkwardness behind the scenes. For the longest time, she ripped WWE in every which way possible, accusing them of everything wrong under the sun. She joined The Surreal Life, made a writhing ass of her self on VH1, and clearly showed the world she was an alcoholic/drug addict. The deal breaker was probably the homemade porn she made with Shawn Waltman (X-Pac) in the early 2000’s.

Recently, a reformed Chyna has risen. She is off drugs and alcohol (apparently), and is looking to reconcile with WWE. She posted this video this past week, hoping to get a meeting with Vince and HHH to mend fences.

This is a sad video to watch. She seems sincere in wanting to reconcile, I assume for the good of the fans, and out of appreciation for what Vince and Hunter helped her achieve once upon a time. However, Chyna’s recent appearance on the Opie and Jim show shouldn’t help her case much. Her ex-boyfriend Shawn Waltman called in to basically call her a liar and whatnot, yadda yadda yadda…

Ironically, Shawn Waltman is currently in good standing with the WWE. For Christ’s sake, he appeared at this year’s Wrestlemania! Does anyone else find it hypocritical that Shawn Waltman has been welcomed back from the same actions that continue to haunt Chyna? God, can you imagine the insane pop she would have received if she ran in with the rest of the dX crew at this year’s Mania? It would have stole the show. 

I will, however, go on record and say I am extremely optimistic on a reconciliation between Chyna and WWE in the near future for two reasons: 

  1. If the WWE doesn’t reconcile with Chyna, they will be seen as being hypocrites and sexual discriminators (insert sarcastic comment in comments section below).  The WWE has reconciled with volatile ex-drug addicts over the years (case in point: Jake the Snake Roberts’ recent induction). They have a working relationship (to some degree) with well-known homophobe and full-fledged psycho, the Iron Sheik. Also, as referenced before, we know that the WWE currently has a working relationship with Chyna’s ex-partner in crime Shawn Waltman. If what Chyna did was unfixable in the eyes of the WWE, they’d have to be looking at it from the standpoint that Chyna’s a woman and cannot be forgiven for the same common transgressions of many WWE male alumni.
  2. If nothing else, we are extremely close to seeing dX as a faction enter the WWE Hall of Fame. They can’t induct dX in to the HOF without Chyna. She was a HUGE part of that group. They obviously need to be on good terms in order for this to happen.

After brainstorming, I think the following would be the best move for the WWE, and lead to an unbelievably magic moment. 

  • Chyna should be inducted this year.
  • dX should also be inducted this year, as a faction.

The end result would be a first, and more than likely a last: a superstar receiving not one, BUT TWO, Hall of Fame rings on the same night. The kicker: said honor, out of all superstars in wrestling history, going to a woman.

It would also signify redemption, forgiveness, and most importantly, sexual equality in a time that society needs it.

Royal Rumble Match, 1999

Shout-out to Mark Henry (a possible Chyna inductor) for allowing himself to be eliminated by a girl. 

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